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how to use the instagram app

In conclusion – Plann is a basic app and is extremely straight forward to use, it’s easy to upload your images and gives you a good idea of how your Instagram grid will look. If you’re looking for something simple to get you started, or don’t want to fuss around with too many extra features, then this is the app for you! preview. All of these apps have most of the same basic features ... More

how to walk in high heels

By Sophie Powell (Scientific Beauty) I have always had a fascination with high heels. The higher, the better! I always dreamed that with my first paycheck from my first real job I would buy myself a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes; how I will glide around my future office and hold meetings from the lofty heights of my pigalles ... More

how to work out wavelength

By shining a light beam into a grating whose spacing d is known, and measuring the angle θ where the light is imaged, one can measure the wavelength λ. ... More

pop phone holder how to use

Find great deals on eBay for pop up phone holder and universal pop up phone holder. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. This page was last updated: 13-Jan 08:46. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. ... More

how to make scented candles to sell

Make sure customers can smell the candle fragrances thru the packaging. Scent is a big selling tool! Also, have a jar of instant coffee or coffee grounds on hand for clearing the sinuses between sniffs. After smelling several fragrances in a row, it becomes difficult to … ... More

how to write an ebook pdf

7/08/2013 · **PLEASE CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON ABOVE** This video tutorial teaches you the easiest way to write your own ebook by using a completely free software program called Open Office Writer. ... More

how to use fg falcon infotainment

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute Road Test With Ford soon to close local production, the FG X generation of Ford's Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute is among the Blue Oval's final breed of home-grown hay-haulers. ... More

how to teach my gifted child

A day in the life of a teacher who has dedicated the last five years of her career to teaching gifted children. Before I’ve even walked from assembly to the door of my classroom in the morning I ... More

how to set gpio on ti2837xd

On the 2MHz setting the GPIO would consume less current than on the 50MHz setting I'd imagine but would have relatively longer rise/fall time specs. The User Manual for the STM32F0 claims that the the output pins fastest toggle speed is every two clock cycles. ... More

how to see auras quickly

N.B. This manual is a part of the manual: "How to see Chakras with your own eyes, and not only "feel" them. Practical manual to learn, fast, how to see them, and how to … ... More

how to turn off safe mode on galaxy

How to Disable Safe mode on Samsung galaxy J2. If you want to Turn off Safe mode then Turn off your phone by pressing the power button. After that, Switch ON your Samsung galaxy J2. (Dont press any key). Not only that, There is another Option on your notification bar to Disable Safe mode. -FAQ Q: My Samsung galaxy J2 Turns on the Safe Mode always. I ... More

how to take pictures like a photographer

Photography is equal parts science and art, with skills and vision playing crucial roles in the final results. Whether you are content with an amateur's level of photographic skills or you aspire to be the next Ansel Adams, these tips will take you one... ... More

how to stop game data from steaming while playing

How much data will be use if playing an online games in pc for 1hr gaming ( non- moition games) through your gmail consumes how much data in one hour? solved How does my … ... More

how to train palicos different skills monster hunter world

Crowns in Monster Hunter World are obtained when you defeat a Monster that is much bigger or smaller than its normal version. Each Monster can spawn in different sizes. Each Monster can spawn in different ... More

how to see who has viewed your profile on fb

... More

how to get on a reality tv show mtv

Presented by ‘Master of Ceremonies’ Archie Manners, The Royal World is a brand new ‘royality tv’ series. It promises to be a reality TV show like no other with a load of royal twenty-somethings going about their real lives – champagne, caviar and drama, darling! ... More

how to use enchanted books in minecraft pe 0.12.1

Today, at Minecon 2015 it was announced that Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta is coming. It will be available for download in the Windows 10 Store beginning July 29, the same day Windows 10 first becomes available for PCs and tablets. ... More

how to send a snapchat video to someone without snapchat

If you want to start talking to someone then you can only send the usual messages and pictures.This also goes for adding photos from your camera or gallery wherein you can now send and share it with friends you have been talking to without using the Snapchat camera. ... More

android how to stop advertising when my device is charging

A bad charging cable can also cause your phone screen stay on while charging. So the final thing you want to make sure is that you are using original charging cable and charger for charging your Android ... More

how to turn automatic updates off windows 8

19/02/2014 Learn how to how to turn off windows 8 automatic updates, windows 8 automatic updates, turn off windows 8 automatic updates, windows 8 automatic updates turn off video, Switch off automatic ... More

how to use skyrim creation kit with existing mod

5/03/2013 So, I've been making my own weapons and armor using the Creation Kit. So far, I've been using the default models in vanilla Skyrim, to avoid the necessity to have DLC, if I ever need to deactivate them for any reason. ... More

how to win ring toss bottle game

Quoits Ring Toss Throwing Game with Storage Bag Similar to the fair or carnival game "bottle ring toss", the object of this toss/throwing game is to get the ring over the peg. To win, you will need to ... More

how to use swansoft sscnc cnc simulator

Play and Listen in this video ull learn ho to use swansoft cnc simulator completely more tutorial update everyday please visit http wwwlabcaddcom SWANSOFT CNC … ... More

how to use testdisk to recover deleted files

This recovery example guides you through TestDisk, step by step, to recover these 'lost' partitions by: rewriting the corrupted NTFS boot sector, and recovering the accidentally deleted logical NTFS partition. ... More

how to set up a project for year 4 student

Break the project down into steps or stages and set deadlines for interim deliverables, e.g., a project proposal, timeline, bibliography, first draft. In addition to setting interim deadlines, give students a rough sense of how long various steps of the project are likely to take and warn them about matters they will need to attend to earlier than they might expect. ... More

how to use the lightsaber in minecraft

Download Songs How To Make A Lightsaber Diy only for review course, Buy Cassette or CD / VCD original from the album How To Make A Lightsaber Diy or use Personal Tone / I-RING / Ring Back Tone in recognition that they can still work to create other new songs. ... More

how to stop bleeding after miscarriage

Some women are found to recover much quickly from this state while the others take time and thus a period of two weeks is what you get in answer when you ask someone how long will it take a women to stop bleeding after miscarriage. It also depends partially on the size of pregnancy and also the approach used for managing it. ... More

how to set table column width

6/11/2008 On every column, you have to specify its own width. To do this click on the smart tag > Edit Columns > Choose the column then in the property list go to HeaderStyle > Width and set it as 100. To do this click on the smart tag > Edit Columns > Choose the column then in the property list go to HeaderStyle > Width and set it as 100. ... More

how to use handbrake app

18/01/2017 · Hi, thanks for all the replies. With Handbrake being non-app store/unsigned I was wondering whether it was safer to just install and run it from … ... More

learn how to speak and write japanese language

Read, Write and Speak Japanese Learn all the skills of Japanese by practicing your Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji writing skills while learning how to read and speak Japanese with lessons written by our Japanese teachers from Japan. ... More

how to send an html file in broswer

2/10/2008 · for reference the following HTML code display the doc and pdf file using ... More

how to write a successful blurb

Get your "elevator pitch" right with a successful blurb. I sometimes advise authors to write their own blurb about their book in progress, to see if that helps them focus on what I call their book’s premise and promise, whence they can build a clearer structure overall. ... More

how to stop being clingy to your boyfriend

24/11/2010 · I was a clingy gf,, but now i stopped .. i think your should practice & resist the urge to call, ask or do anything .. if ur the kind of person who would call … ... More

how to make 32bit see more ram

Physical Address Extension (PAE) - Allows processors in 32-bit to address more than 4GB of RAM Source: Microsoft TechNet Simply run the patch and select patch 4GB of RAM and reboot ! If you did correctly , voila you should see something like this. ... More

how to sell on etsy 2017

27/05/2017 · 5 Reasons NOT to sell on Etsy. Published on May 27, 2017 May 27, 2017 by Brenda. Four years ago, I decided to open my first Etsy shop. So excited and hopeful for great success, I waited eagerly for my first sale. Two weeks later, cha-ching! My first sale!! I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to sell more and more. When I first started out, I was selling vinyl monograms I made with my vinyl ... More

how to stop static cling without dryer sheets

The vinegar in the rinse cycle, wool dryer balls and/or a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer will all prevent static cling. These homemade dryer sheets will not prevent static. These homemade dryer sheets will not prevent static. ... More

how to use egg beater pedals

Eggbeaters use a brass cleat and a minimalist design, with essentially no pedal body. These features allow better functioning in mud or packed snow than some competing designs. ... More

multisnap recording how to use

The Multi-Snap Recording feature is rolling out to both iOS and Android users beginning today. However, the Tilt Brush feature is an iOS exclusive for the time being, which is rolling out today as well. ... More

how to start building a pc

All custom-build, ready-to-go and Dream PC systems come with a minimum of a 2-year warranty period. In the rare case that you do experience any issues, our after-sales team is ready to help. Since being founded in 2006, our expertise in the industry and customer service is consistently proven through thousands of satisfied customer reviews with an average of 4.4/5 on Product Review. This has ... More

how to turn the tables on a narcissist

They turn tables and manage to convince others that they are being unfairly treated. Narcissists, male or female, can cry on demand and be very convincing, to the extent that the victim themselves sometimes doubt their perception of reality (see Gaslighting). Narcissistic parents, mothers in particular, use this very efficiently against their own children. The victim card enables the ... More

how to send money to ofx

9/05/2016 · At OFX, we offer peace of mind when looking after your family overseas. By saving on fees* and exchange rates on your international money transfers, you can ensure your loved one at … ... More

how to turn off engine in beamng

Turn Off Engine Signs and Labels. Wherever there's a running vehicle, safety is always a concern. Posting Turn Off Engine signs reminds everyone to follow established procedures. ... More

how to watch nfl games on your phone for free

Watch NFL games on your phone or tablet. Edited by Jefrey Matias, Lynn, estrella sacragon, Eng and 12 others. 4 Parts: Download the Application For Your Smartphone or Tablet. How to Subscribe to NFL Game Pass. Questions and Answers. Comments. Once Labor Day has passed, for many people, it means the beginning of the NFL season. The NFL is the highest professional level of American ... More

how to use a lens reversing ring

4/07/2011 Why use a reversing ring? If you know the 'theory' behind a reverse ring, or just want to see how you can make one, then you can skip to the section below. If you are interested in why you might need a reversal ring, then read on :-). Lenses are designed to operate in a specific 'focus regime'. Usually from the order of a meter up to infinity. Within this regime, the lens ... More

how to tell if a guess wallet is real

22/02/2014 · One should know how the designs are and what the logo looks like. Study the Gucci print, the Gucci print with interlocking G's that is on most of the wallets, belts, caps and other products. Most of the wallets would comprise of that. Pay diligent attention and see whether the wallet's print has any imperfections, if it does so, it's a fake, it shouldn't fade and there should be no smudges ... More

how to turn on whatsapp notification on android

Check if the problem is solved, if not, turn to next method. 5. Force Stop WhatsApp and Restart Your Phone. Restarting the app would always be an effective way to solve most of the problems. Try to force stop WhatsApp and restart it to see whether you can get the notification sound for WhatsApp. For Android phone users, here are the steps. STEP 1: Go to Settings>Apps>Application Management ... More

how to write thank you in french

10/11/2018 · For example, if you were writing a letter to an employer to apply for a job, you might conclude your letter with "je vous remercie de votre attention," which means "I thank you for your attention." 5 Use the noun form of remercier in formal writing. ... More

how to tell the difference between topaz and citrine

Beryl, the family of minerals that includes emerald, aquamarine and morganite, lies slightly below topaz on the Mohs Hardness scale, registering between 7.5 and 8. Varieties of quartz also may be found mounted as gemstones. Quartz, with its Mohs hardness of 7, can be found in a wide range of colors, from purple amethyst to clear rock crystal to yellow citrine. Many other gemstones like garnets ... More

how to work for nintendo in japan

A new Super Nintendo World is set to open at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in time for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020. Super Nintendo World will be made up of large, multi-level environments packed with brand new, state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops and restaurants, all ... More

how to stop brute force attack on server

A heavy Brute Force Login attack launched simultaneously on multiple sites on your server can have an impact similar to a DDoS attack: the server load increases sharply ... More

how to start snake diet

In some cases, loss of appetite is a natural part of a snake's behavior, but it could also be the result of a problem that you may be able to resolve with minor adjustments to its environment or diet. a ... More

how to remove apps from windows 8.1 start menu

5/08/2013 Sometimes Windows applications fail to properly remove shortcuts to themselves when all installed. Whereas previous versions of Windows allowed you to delete dead shortcuts like these directly from the Start menu, theres no such feature in Windows 8. ... More

how to stop period on pill

What birth control pill works best to stop the period? All birth control pills with enough progestin can shut off the ovaries while the pill is taken. The estrogen in the pill … ... More

how to properly use hence in a sentence

Never use in place of because of as it simply causes the appearence that one lacks the proper command of English to articulate it correctly (amongst those who do, whom also see its usage as a flag for ignorance. Ignorance is indeed becoming increasingly prevalent hence the misuse proportionately becoming so common) ... More

how to use iusb pro

App Description. iUSB Pro is a USB drive with 2 connectors: 1, USB3.0 A, to connect to Mac or PC. In this way, iUSB Pro acts as a general USB drive. ... More

how to set up a yard sale without tables

The morning of the bake sale, we set up tables and designated each one with a price, and all items with that price went on the table. It made for fast set up no need to stick a price tag on each item, AND it made it easy to sell to customers (Everything on this table is $6), AND easy to sum up purchase totals. ... More

how to stop yourself from chewing your fingers

How To Stop A Puppy From Biting Your Feet And Fingers. How To Stop A Puppy From Biting- Avoid This Common Mistake. In this article we will be discussing the most common mistake that dog owners make with stopping puppy biting, chewing and mouthing. After you read this, you probably won’t ever think about the puppy training advice you’ve heard from others in the past in the same way ever ... More

how to write happy new year in japanese

Happy New Year Sentiments and Sentences shares sample messages to say Happy New Year to customers, clients, employees, volunteers, and others. Post-Holiday Writing Etiquette tells how to say thank you for holiday gifts and kindnesses. ... More

how to do a church kids talk

During their elementary years, kids want to have fun and find a place to belong. At Konnect, kids experience a teaching style they can relate with. At Konnect, kids experience a … ... More

how to use scent tracking howling moon mod minecraft

1/08/2014 · An invasion is an in-game event that was added in the Public Beta 19 update on August 1st, 2014. During these events, waves of foes will attack the player in a short amount of time. Unlike... During these events, waves of foes will attack the player in a short amount of time. ... More

how to wear combat boots 2016

11 Combat Boots to Add Extra Edge to Your Look. Every closet needs at least one pair. By Elana Rubin and 11 Ankle Boots to Wear All Fall. We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. Why trust us? 2 of 11. Dirty Laundry Rosario Satin $70 BUY NOW. Get that punk combat boot look with a slight feminine flare with these combat boots from Dirty Laundry. The velvet laces are a ... More

how to start cross trainer

Where to start. Fold the fabric in four, press lightly and work a line of tacking stitches along the folds to mark the centre (remove these when the stitching is finished). ... More

how to turn on wifi calling iphone

Here, these tutorials for How to turn on Verizon WIFI Calling on Iphone and other apple and Verizon just delivered an update that allows users to turn on Verizon Wifi calling on the iPhone. ... More

how to use 200 day moving average

Today we welcome Michele Schneider to the Trader's Blog. Michele is going to share with you how she uses the 200 day moving average to trade. Michele "Mish" Schneider is the Director of Trading Education & Research for MarketGauge. ... More

youtube how to win friends and influence

Since its initial publication eighty years ago, How to Win Friends & Influence People has sold over fifteen million copies worldwide. In his book, Carnegie explains that success comes from the ability to communicate effectively with others. ... More

how to solve the rubiks cube in 30 seconds

... More

how to delete iphone google search history

Learn how to clear Google history on iPhone with the Google app so you can delete your search history on iPhone easily. This will not clear cache on iPhone. ... More

how to use string tokenizer

On this document we will be showing a java example on how to use the hasMoreTokens() method of StringTokenizer Class. The hasMoreTokens() tests if there are more tokens available from this tokenizer’s string. ... More

how to send attachment on iphone gmail

In addition to this, you can send Message to multiple recipients on your iPhone. iTunes Link: Attachment Sender. Mailpod. This is a simple, fast and easy to use the app for Gmail ... More

how to use fallen stars terraria

28/09/2018 · Everybody knows about fallen stars and their animation for consumption. But they don't get consumed! I propose to change them to a consumable. ... More

how to teach child to hold pencil correctly

"Learn how to hold a pencil correctly or how to teach a child to hold a pencil correctly with an easy, fun alligator grip trick." "How to Hold Scissors: Cute method to teach children how to hold the scissors: Thumbs up, Alligator!" 18 Fine Motor Centers. Gross Motor Activities Gross Motor Skills Toddler Activities Preschool Activities Preschool Fine Motor Skills Preschool Writing 3 Year Old ... More

how to use easy start spray

Bradex Easy Start. If an engine fails to start repeatedly, it may require a starting aid like Bradex Easy Start . It is designed for use in an emergency where the engine won't start, which could be caused by a number of different ignition problems and it can be used on all engines, whether diesel, petrol or paraffin.Simply spray into the air ... More

how to use sheet grippers

stroke allows the gripper used with many different object • T RG2 Gripper Datasheet Version 1.4 • Simple installation Runs directly from the robot. ... More

how to use hand washing machine

How to Use Your Washing Machine in Proper Manner? In our busy schedule, we neither get time nor energy to wash clothes by hand. Therefore, washing machine has become an essential part of … ... More

how to use gopro lcd touch bacpac

LCD Touch BacPac is an important component or extra tool for a GoPro camera. If you want to access your videos and images immediately, you will need LCD touch BacPac for this purpose which can be able to provide you the playback of your videos and images. On the other hand, the LCD Touch BacPac is also critical when it comes to operating your GoPro camera as it is easy to manage and operate. ... More

how to talk with young people

As young people focus on their blessings, and maybe even reach out to the people who have taken an interest in them and helped them along the way, they tend to start thinking about ways in which they can give back and help others. ... More

how to write concise emails

Too often email messages snap, growl, and bark — as if being concise meant that you had to sound bossy. Not so. Not so. Consider this email message recently sent to all staff members on a large university campus: ... More

how to tell if a cichlid is pregnant

1/12/2015 · Is my female African cichlid holding? Well I have good news, one of my female Pseudotropheus Saulosi is holding, meaning she is pregnant. For those that may not know, African Cichlids are maternal ... More

how to make a cubby set

Watch the video below to find out how to make an indoor cubby house using the dining room table: Place a blanket or bedspread over a table or a couple of chairs to create a private space. You may need to use a few pegs to secure the cover to your furniture so the cubby doesn't collapse in the middle. ... More

how to use goal seek to solve nonlinear equation

Nonlinear Equations and Optimization §8.1 Finding Roots §8.2 Minimizing a Function of a Single Variable §8.3 Minimizing Multivariate Functions §8.4 Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations In this chapter we consider several types of nonlinear problems. They differ in whether or not the solution sought is a vector or a scalar and whether or not the goal is to produce a root or a minimizer ... More

how to use the speed ball

Speed and explosive power are important components of success in many sports. Below is a comprehensive list of strength and power fitness tests. For more information about speed and power, or if you are unsure what is the best test to use, see this other page about ... More

how to make samsung pay work on international s7 edge

25/05/2017 I have a Galaxy S7 Edge bought in UAE.. But I use the mobile in India. I have got the update for Samsung Pay but it is UAE version. I am unable to add my cards in this. ... More

how to use an ec pen

12/11/2016 · I have a Windows 10 tablet. Its a 10.1" full HD screen. I am thinking of buying a disk stylus (pen). This is not an active pen, but with some sort of a nib and a disc that goes under that nib. ... More

how to train for cynthia

★★★ Cynthia Bratton American Journal Of Medicine - 2017 Guide to Emergency Survival in America. @ CYNTHIA BRATTON AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE @ Watch FREE Video Now! ... More

how to set the main contentpage in xamarin carousel

Set main page to contentpage #1 Set main page to contentpage #2 Set main page to contentpage #3 Set main page to a masterDetail page with Detail #A Change the detail ... More

how to stop ad pop ups on windows 10

pop up blocker for windows 10 free download - Pop Up Blocker, Pop Up Blocker Pro, Pop Up Blocker Pro Rich Media Ads Edition, and many more programs ... More

how to watch corona highline keramas

You Can Rent A Glass Igloo In Finland To Watch The Northern Lights - ilona .bnr - - You Can Rent A Glass Igloo In Finland To Watch The Northern Lights - ilona . What others are saying "Rent a Glass Igloo in Finland to Watch the Northern Lights. ... More

how to start quilting by hand

Needles for hand-sewing should be short and fine, known as "betweeners" as these needles slip into and out of the fabric with ease. If you are a total beginner you will probably want to start with No.8 needles, as these are more manageable when first starting out. ... More

how to tell if youve been concussed

... More

how to take photo of fusion 360 project

This app will work with 360 photos take on most of today’s most popular 360 cameras such as the Rylo 360, GoPro Fusion and the Insta360 One among many others. Watch our video for a quick demonstration and samples. ... More

how to write a debate speech 2nd speaker

Speech writers pen speeches for leaders such as politicians, CEOs and university presidents; a speech writer's words and phrases should effectively convey the policy or agenda of the speaker. ... More

how to use a camera obscura

Origami Camera Obscura (folded paper and glass lens, is a small portable artwork designed to fit in a pocket until the moment of use. ... More

how to get rid of search bar virus

17/09/2014 How to get rid of Cairo search virus in windows 8 cairo graphics? After downloading Mozilla Firefox 19 The black circle of the Cairo search virus is on my address bar. I have removed the Cairo search virus from the control panel, add ons, registry and about configs. ... More

how to use a vibrator on a guy

While your guy is giving you oral, run your vibe back and forth across your nipples. Hand It Over Try a little light BDSM : Have your guy loosely tie you up, and let him use your vibrator on you ... More

how to use powerpoint template file

Make this Powerpoint template your own by choosing one of the 20 retro/vintage colour palettes, and one of the six included texture PNG files to customise easily the look and feel of your presentation. Whether you want to use bright and vibrant or a more subdued colours, there’s a palette and texture to suit your presentation. ... More

how to speak in iambic pentameter

The movie drifts in and out of fantasy worlds, where hustlers speak in iambic pentameter or hop on a plane to Rome without any thought of passports. Rhyming couplets in iambic pentameter was by far the most popular structure for poetry of all types. ... More

how to teach tenses to beginners

All English grammar beginners should know that there are only three basic tenses in the English language: the past, the present and the future. Theres also a perfect tense ... More

how to study philosophy on your own

If philosophy as a subject intrigues you, but you doubt whether you've got what it takes to study philosophy, I hope that what you find here will help get over the initial barriers. So grab your ... More

how to use a wine key

Key Performance Indicators Key performance indicators are the numbers you will want to keep and evaluate. The whole point behind key performance indicators is not to measure something against a specific number, but to have a concrete idea of where you’re starting so you can measure improvement (or the lack thereof). ... More

how to stop downloading an app on mac

If you're having problems downloading the update via the Mac App Store, you can use Apple's website instead. For example, you can find the latest macOS updates here . To find any software update ... More

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symbicort 200 6 how to use

I use Symbicort for my asthma, too. I don't have high blood pressure, so I've never had a reason to monitor my blood pressure, but I looked up the side-effects of Symbicort and it says changes in blood pressure can occur.

how to write class presentation

You may be asked to write a memo about a presentation to staff members who were unable to attend, or you may be asked to write a memo about a presentation you wish to give, almost as a proposal. Use the memo template provided by your company.

how to write a statement of claim for job application

This example shows how you should write particulars of claim if a VCAT member A person who hears and decides cases at VCAT. Some members are specialists in particular areas of law. has directed you to provide it as part of your application

how to use intel management engine

This program provides the Intel Management Engine Components Driver for supported notebooks with supported operating systems. The Intel management Components monitor the installed Intel hardware, such as chip sets, storage, and other components.

how to stop body focused repetitive behaviors

In extreme cases this is called body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB). This habit can have a negative impact on a person's daily life. Treatments include behavioral therapy. Learn more here.

pof how to see who wants to meet you

5/11/2013 · (Not all my POF profile matches have that stipulation, by the way--it just so happens that seven out of eight of the "Wants to meet you" people do, and the one who doesn't happens to be the least interesting--for other reasons. Bizarre!)

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