Northwest Territories

how to use avcoado in stoir fries

Bake the avocado fries: Transfer the baking sheet to the oven and bake until the fries are golden-brown, 20 to 25 minutes. Remove the baking sheet from the oven halfway … ... More

how to tell how many days youve played new leaf

Upper ear shoot development by V15 has surpassed that of the lower ear shoots, figure 22, and a new leaf stage is now occurring every 1-2 days. Silks are just beginning to grow from the upper ears at ... More

pilaten black mask how to use

Black Mask (Roman Sionis) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Doug Moench and Tom Mandrake, he made his first appearance in Batman #386 (August, 1985). The character is commonly depicted as a brutal and ruthless crime lord in Gotham City who has a fixation with masks and derives ... More

how to search in google sheets app

This tutorial explains to write an app script to search Key element in a sheet. This is useful in many scenarios. Please refer other tutorials to know the application of this operation. ... More

state of decay how to use cm

Influence is essentially your currency in State of Decay 2 that you’ll need if you want to acquire outposts, move bases, trade with other groups of survivors, or use some of your Radio requests ... More

how to use slow release fertilizer

Slow release nitrogen fertilizer coated urea for agriculture use . As is known to all, urea has been the “white light” appeared in front of the farmers, But Blackgold Humate have make a change – into a “black” How to get black? ... More

how to tell what setting your fan is on

Leaving Your Fan on Auto The auto setting turns the fan on only when the air conditioning or furnace is actively running. Auto helps distribute air in the beginning of the cooling or heating cycle and then cuts off when the set temperature is reached. ... More

how to make a girl jealous and want you back

Are you looking for tips on how to make a girl jealous? Did you recently break up with your girlfriend? If you are searching for ways to get a girl back then you are reading the perfect article and further reading will provide you with 5 ways to do so. Are you looking for tips on how to make a girl jealous? Did you recently break up with your girlfriend? If you are searching for ways to get a ... More

how to use a power supply as a battery charger

Along the same idea as the equipment power supplies above, you can use a regular, run-of-the-mill computer power supply to power your charger. These can be system pulls or new models. They will be limited to 12V but they can come in models capable of outputting up to 50A or even more. The catch is that a little tinkering is required in order to make one into something usable. The good news is ... More

how to tell if iphone is unlocked or not

When buying a new iPhone, you may always want to know whether its unlocked or not. An unlocked iPhone can be used on any network while the locked one ... More

how to work standing up all day

3/11/2010 · Standing still about half the time. I work as a cashier at the front of the warehouse in the busy periods, but otherwise i'm moving about. 12 hours would be nuts, 10 is … ... More

how to write a pastiche

Chapter 21 Pastiche "We must try not to sink beneath our anguish, and battle on." - Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. "Harry Potter" Book Six: "Harry Potter and ... More

how to tell if your dog is healthy

A healthy dog will have small, firm, moist stools. Dry, hard stools may be a sign of health maladies, dietary problems, or dehydration. Take your dog to the vet if they have any of these symptoms: ... More

how to set date on photos on a coolpix w100

A waterproof and rugged camera, the Nikon Coolpix W100 is a budget camera with a 13Mp sensor and 3x optical zoom. Pitched as your ideal holiday camera, we found the camera very easy to operate, with simple controls for shooting photos and videos. ... More

how to start a crowdfunding campaign

30/10/2017 Some major lessons or must-knows when running a crowdfunding campaign A lot of work happens upfront. From pre-committing donors, to selecting a ... More

how to laodd a stand alonemarkdown file

26/10/2017 · also custom huds are forgeted with the new perk deck they can't seem to handle the armor being converted to health. ... More

tf2 how to get contact yellow start

You can also use shortcuts to find starred messages by searching is:starred or has: with the star's name, like has:yellow-star. Add more star options You can add stars of different colors, or other icons. ... More

how to use apple numbers

Create and manage tasks to increase work productivity. 100% free! Log in to your Apple ID in web version and edit your credentials. You would have the chance to update your additional phone number … ... More

how to stretch a ptp fitness band for use

Feel fitter and stronger than ever before with the PTP PowerTube+ Medium Resistance Band. Targeting any muscle group, the band is convenient, safe and easy on your joints while providing great injury prevention and rehabilitation training. ... More

how to change a negative work environment

To do so, you must win the hearts and minds of the people you work with, and that takes both cunning and persuasion. In their book “Blue Ocean Strategy,” W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne cite four hurdles that face a manager trying to institute broad change in an organization. ... More

how to take marijunah sublingually

Are sublingual sprays and tinctures just as effective as vaping when using medical marijuana? Do tinctures that contain THCA get you high? How is the high from THC tincture? ... More

how to make ps4 controller work on pc as mouse

10/10/2016 I would only want to play with a ps4 controller on a PS4 where everyone else is playing with a PS4 controller so I wont get wooped. Why would you want to play with a ps4 controller vs the superior mouse and keyboard? ... More

how to take anavar female

But first, let’s take a closer look at what Anavar is and how to use it. Benefits Women are Getting from Using Anavar. Anavar is one of the most popular anabolic steroids women use for its many workout benefits. The gains and risks are milder than other steroids, giving women the necessary push they need to reach their fitness goals. Some of the benefits of taking Anavar include: Small ... More

how to train for a marathon in one year

This training plan is built to help you to maximize your efforts on race day through Speed, Endurance and Recovery. THIS PLAN WORKS FOR YOU Your schedule varies. So does the weather and how you feel, but here are a few things to keep in mind as you modify this plan to your needs: Speed and Endurance Runs are essential parts of the plan to maximize your training. You have four Recovery ... More

how to use a boost controller

We recommend taking the boost control solenoid out of the system when installing a boost controller. This is located under the factory airbox in the Evo. We suggest leaving the solenoid plugged into the factory wiring harness but using a vacuum cap to plug off … ... More

how to set up a video web chat

9/09/2017 · I have a Logitech web cam and used to be able to chat with my grandkids. since I have gotten windows 8 I haven't been able to set a video chatwhat do I do to set it up with them. ... More

how to take off sally hansen stick on nail polish

Theres also polish remover, a cuticle stick, nail file/buffer, nail cleanser pads and instructions. The instructions are really easy to follow. You remove any current polish you have on your nails. ... More

how to stop future transactions on netbank

KTB netbank Service Agreement and Term of Use. KTB netbank refers to the Internet Banking service provided by Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited (hereinafter called “the Bank”) for convenience to individual customer (hereinafter called “the Applicant”) so that the Applicant will be able to use various financial management services ... More

how to turn off windows 10 people app

I'd love to turn off people app tile but can't. I find most apps do allow me to change the tile, specifically apps that are updated for windows 10. Some older apps that work great and don't get updates typically won't have them. One app I bought called Livescape does everything I need, works great, doesn't really need an update. It would be nice to get a newer tile for transparency and live ... More

how to use spray adhesive on paper

If you want to use white glue for a modeling project but you're afraid of ending up with an uneven surface and excess glue protruding between surfaces, spraying on the glue is … ... More

how to train your brain to eat healthy

Mission Makeover Mission Makeover follows the engaging and powerful journey of women on a mission of a lifetime to completely makeover their lives through better health & wellness from the inside out and the outside in.The series is hosted by Julie Moran and Jamie Eason and goes beyond your typical weight loss TV show. ... More

how to write a message when emailing photos

what to write in an e mail when forwarding a resume when forwarding an emailed resume the accompanying message should describe who you are sending the resume for and why you think the recipient , emailing resume and cover letter message. ... More

how to translate twitter pages 2017

The number 1 question that any translation agency is asked is “How much do translations cost?” Quite uniquely in professional services, most translations are not priced by the hour, they are in-fact priced by the number of words. ... More

how to train your dragon toothless wallpaper hd

Toothless. Toothless HD Desktop Wallpapers for Widescreen, Fullscreen, High Definition, Dual Monitors, Mobile ... More

how to see ps4 capture videos on computer

How to do game capture and live streaming from PS4 Pro in 4K UHD with this video and game capture card. PlayStation 4 Pro™ (PS4 Pro) is here with a slew of games that support 4K game play! ... More

how to train a dragon book author

Cressida Cowell, the author most known for her series 'How To Train Your Dragon', has been entertaining children (and adults) with her stories for more than 12 years. As a mum-of-three, Cowell ... More

how to use gold bond foot powder

The powder works to soothe skin and absorb moisture in order to stop persistent itches. Although many people use Gold Bond to relieve dogs' skin problems, the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated its effectiveness for this purpose, so you should contact your veterinarian before doing so. If you get the go-ahead, you can use Gold Bond ... More

how to watch seeso in australia

In addition to Crunchyroll, VRV will be home to Cartoon Hangover, Rooster Teeth, Seeso, Nerdist Alpha, and Geek & Sundry Alpha, with other channels to be announced in the coming months. ... More

how to talk so your teenager will listen

Followed by our successful parenting event held in May, this month, we will have another exciting seminar to talk about communication with your teens . ... More

bushnell 308 bdc how to use

Bushnell AR Optics 308 BDC Ret 4.5-18x 40mm Versatile optic featuring target turrets, side parallax adjustment and our Drop Zone 223 BDC reticle to accurately place rounds on target out to 600 yards. ... More

how to work for facs

A suspended NSW church minister has been cleared to work with children again, despite historical allegations of child sex abuse and complaints to authorities about being violent to his children. ... More

how to use incognito mode on safari

Safari’s private browsing is Apple’s incognito mode for your browser. When we activate this navigation method, we do not store a history of the sites we visit, nor do web pages keep the session started if it is activated. There are many reasons why it is useful to have it but if for some reason you need to disable it on an iPhone or iPad, it is also possible. ... More

how to take google reviews off your business site

And, Google factors in social mentions so a review on Google HotPot may help your website in search engine results as well. If you are plagued by bad Yelp reviews, you may want to claim your business account and offer a public reply. ... More

how to create a search engine in php

To build a meta search engine first you need to choose a real search engine and here nothing is better that Now you need to fetch the content of google search and curl() is the best method for PHP.After fetching the results you need to you need to parse the search results because there are a lot of other things which are useless for ... More

how to search write off status of a car

In Australia, a statutory write-off means a car has sustained damage serious enough that it cannot be registered again. That can be because of an accident, flooding or even hail damage. Such vehicles can be imported to New Zealand and used for parts, or repaired and sold-on after certification. ... More

how to win a debate every time

How to Win Any Debate. Oct 15, 2012 express an opinion several times is about as convincing to an outsider as hearing three people express an opinion one time each. So while having others back ... More

how to stop crashing around settlements fallout 4

Settlements, though they might throw in their own flair of creativity to the Fallout franchise, suck the life out of Fallout 4. During my original playthrough roughly 80% of my time was spent on the creation or discovery of settlements. ... More

how to use an electric incense burner

As for myself, I use an electric resin burner. Mermade Magickal Arts has one on there homepage. Don't forget to use a piece of foil in the burner or you'll be cleaning melted resin. Mermade Magickal Arts has one on there homepage. ... More

how to take professional product photos

How to take fantastic photos for eBay (and get your listings noticed!) How to Take Amazing Product Photos to Boost Conversions . How to get photos of items you are drop shipping . Comments (24) ? Sign me up to become a free member of SaleHoo Add Comment Already a member? Login to comment. Ethan Murray on 20:50 28 Nov Great tips for your eBay listing Reply. SamSable on 22:27 ... More

how to use psds in photoshop cs6

Using tabbed windows in Photoshop In Photoshop, you have control over how your windows appear in the workspace. You can work with floating image windows, or choose to tab your windows across the top of the workspace. ... More

how to legally use music on youtube

Using music legally in your YouTube videos; Previous Next. Using music legally in your YouTube videos . After the new technology called YouTube Audio ID launched, which automatically detects copyrighted music inside the video, more and more YouTube video producers are wondering what they can do to continue using music in their videos without having the sound completely removed or … ... More

how to stop getting patrons on patreon

Maybe a few of my patrons discovered me through Patreon, but the vast majority are getting there through my own efforts and the efforts of a few other community members who actively work in the same field as I do on Patreon. ... More

how to tell if a girl is a player

umm a player will be a player for a very long time. when they stop feeling the thrill of picking up and with the typical blonde big boobs fake tan big hair girls then u know he has settled. and besides those typical player females are just as bad as them. their behaviour wil change ... More

how to take off metal watch band

A great way to transform the style of your watch is to swap out bands. Whether you need to replace a worn out band or just want a new look replacing a watch band is easy and cheap compared to buying an entirely new watch. ... More

how to start a luxury brand business

I have 10+ years experience in luxury marketing. Let's focus on those 2 last words because that is what you need to start a luxury business: 1. ... More

how to write a book about your life experiences

Browse essays about My Life Experiences and find inspiration. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. ... More

how to take still photos

Printing your photos won't take much longer than a couple hours, and most of your time will be devoted to picking out the perfect frames to print. How to Print Still Photos From Video. credit: zefart/iStock/Getty Images. Use Quicktime Player Step. Download the free video player QuickTime from the Apple website. Quicktime is available for Windows and Mac OS X, and can be used to print a … ... More

how to write complex mathematical equations in excel

Complex formulas have more than one mathematical operation, such as 5+5-2. When there is more than one operation in a formula, the order of operations tells us which operation to calculate first. To use Excel to calculate complex formulas, you'll need to understand the order of operations. ... More

how to tell if you have worms

6/08/2011 · If you are concerned your cat may have worms, one of the most reliable ways to find out is to submit a fecal sample for analysis to your local veterinary clinic. The sample will be looked at under a microscope to detect worm eggs. ... More

how to set a scatter range on excell

4/02/2012 As far as I know, the only Excel chart type that uses the numerical values to locate points relative to the X axis is the XY Scatter chart type. All other ... More

how to use choose function in excel 2007

17/11/2013 · Hello Excel experts, I encounter a problem using the .Range function. I use the code : Range(Column_selection).Select Column_selection contains a string with more than 255 chars. I … ... More

how to use an angle grinder to cut metal

Cutting metal drums with an angle grinder The purpose of this Safety Alert is to highlight the dangers of using angle grinders to cut metal drums. Background There have been two recent incidents in workplaces where angle grinders have been used to cut open metal drums. A worker died when a 205 litre metal drum he was cutting with an angle grinder exploded. The drum had previously contained ... More

how to use thc oil

And then there’s cannabidiol (CBD), pictured right, which is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis, but is a major part of the cannabis plant, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s total cannabinoid extract. ... More

how to use bulgogi marinade sauce

I make the Bulgogi marinade by using Gochujang (Korean chili pepper paste), ginger-garlic, honey, onion and ground or grated pear. The pear tenderizes the meat and provides a subtle sweet flavor, which balances the heat from the Gochujang really well. ... More

laila 35 ed how to take

Hi Phyllis, the amount of time taken to download Office 2016 to your PC depends on your Internet Connection . . . However unless you have extremely slow Internet, that timescale is hugely excessive . . . ... More

how to sell items in injustice 2

Built by Netherrealm: Developers of the best-selling and critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat franchise, NetherRealm Studios brings unrivaled storytelling, robust content and ... More

how to stop c becoming copyright in word

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: Click the Microsoft Office column C is automatically formatted as part of the existing table. AutoFit title text to placeholder (PowerPoint only) Decreases the font size of the title text so the text fits in the defined title text placeholder. Note: The title text automatically decreases by only one font size increment (for example, from 44 to 40) based on the ... More

salbutamol ventolin inhaler how to use

Ventolin (Salbutamol) should be inhaled through the use of an inhaler. It does require some coordination in order to use the inhaler properly, which is very important. You can visit your GP or local pharmacist in person, who can help ensure your inhaler technique is correct. Ventolin (Salbutamol) does not need to be taken every day and should be used to provide relief of your symptoms when ... More

how to turn off vibration feedback nexus 5x

I just bought an LG Nexus 5X device. Everything good but when I unlock the phone with the fingerprint sensor it vibrates and I don't like this. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Everything good but when I unlock the phone with the fingerprint sensor it vibrates and I don't like this. ... More

how to use zyrtec allergy

Thank You. I've been through this every year with him. It's his allergies. I just dosed him with 100 mg. of benadryl and he is much better. When I take him to the vet, he just gets a shot of prednisone which I can't afford to do right now, so I'll stick with the benadryl but if he doesn't get better ... More

how to use windows venetian blinds down

After cleaning, you can give your blinds a wipe down with a dry cloth to speed the drying process. Increase air circulation in the house or just open a few windows to further speed up the drying. Increase air circulation in the house or just open a few windows to further speed up the drying. ... More

how to start djing with a laptop

The most popular way to begin DJing is to buy a DJ controller to playback and control music directly from your laptop. Controllers offer DJ's great value for money and can cost a ... More

how to use coffee brewer

Meanwhile brew the Dark Magic K-cup ® coffee on the lowest water setting of your Keurig ® brewer into a very large mug. Next, froth the warm milk in whichever manner you see fit, I use a simple handheld one like this (pretty sure I paid less than $5.00 for it). ... More

how to do a stop over

Seems that the long awaited skytrain is finished so you can easily get into Bangkok from the airport in 15 minutes. What to do to explore you can probably ask on the BKK forum or check the FAQ's. ... More

how to train a partially deaf dog

(May 12, 2010) Training a deaf dog can prove to be a challenging task, especially for those who haven’t dealt with deaf dogs before. However, there are certain ways to overcome the barriers in communication and to impart training to your dog, as well as build a lasting bond with him. ... More

how to work out power equation

Power is the rate at which work is done. It is the work/time ratio. Mathematically, it is computed using the following equation. Power = Work / time or P = W / t . The standard metric unit of power is the Watt. As is implied by the equation for power, a unit of power is equivalent to a unit of work divided by a unit of time. Thus, a Watt is equivalent to a Joule/second. For historical reasons ... More

how to wear flat shoes on a night out

Heels are great for formal wear, but theyre not necessary. The good news is that its finally starting to get warmer, which means that pretty soon, it will be appropriate to wear sandals. Sandals tend to be slightly dressier than ballet slippers and other flats. ... More

how to get skype to work with headphones

4/06/2013 · Hello, I have a 3 year old Macbook Pro and I am running OS 10.8.3. I am trying to get my USB headphone and mic to work with Skype but I'm not having any success. ... More

how to set up a recycling business

Setting up a recycle bin in a business (store, restaurant, office) or an institution is not as simple as your home recycle bin. Several factors including placement and signs are important to their success. Recycle Bin Placement Something not everyone knows about recycling is that water and soda ... More

how to use madras curry powder

Curry powder is misnomer. What we refer to as curry powder is a mixture of many spices. Madras curry typically contains a blend of curry leaves, turmeric, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, chile pepper, bay leaves, fenugreek, allspice and black pepper. ... More

how to start the introduction of my thesis

A thesis statement should be specific and debatable, and an introduction should be engaging and informative. Narrow the Scope If the focus of the thesis is too broad, you will have too wide a range of information to cover. ... More

how to write a email for book event

How to Write and Pitch a Book Proposal is a work-at-your-own-pace e-Course, available for $30 USD. Lindsay has represented Elsie and I for many years. She helped us land our very first book deal, and we are currently finishing up work on our third book. ... More

how to use hart communicator

Abstract: This application note describes how to use of DS8500 HART modem for a process-control application. The article explains how to interface the DS8500 to a microcontroller and 420mA current loop to ensure proper HART communication. ... More

how to start a cv cover letter

21/11/2017 · Here's a sample cover letter made with our fast online cover letter tool. It shows the best way to start a cover letter. Want to write your letter fast? It shows the best way to start a cover letter. ... More

how to use apple watch series 3 nike

12/09/2018 · Apple Watch battery testing was conducted by Apple in August 2017 using preproduction Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) and Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular), each paired with an iPhone; all devices were tested with prerelease software. Battery life varies by use, configuration, and many other factors; actual results will vary. See ... More

asus rt-n66u how to set up usb modem

“It’s extremely easy to set up, fast and reliable” - New York Times. ASUS RT-N56U is rated as not only the world's fastest router, but this incredible technology is housed … ... More

how to write my own blueprint for factorio

It's now easier than ever to personalize your experience. Here's a quick tour to get you started making your own. Here's a quick tour to get you started making your own. Claim your own personalized URL. ... More

how to use ts-905 1hz-50mhz crystal oscillator tester

This item Hrph TS-905 1HZ-50MHZ Crystal Oscillator Tester Frequency Counter DIY Kits With Case KKmoon High Sensitivity 1Hz-50MHz Frequency Meter Counter Measurement Tester Module 7V-9V 50mA DIY Kit KKmoon Digital DC 12V 24V 4-20mA Current Signal Generator Module Board Precision to 0.1mA Adjustable ... More

how to wear jewellery in summer

Styling tribal jewelery is little tricky, you must know the right way to make it look good. So, we have brought the finest ways to wear it. ... More

how to use molecular visions model kit

Stephen D. Darling is the author of 'Molecular Visions: The Flexible Molecular Model Kit' with ISBN 9780964883710 and ISBN 0964883716. ... More

how to turn off location services on my iphone 4s

To turn-off Location Services: Go to Settings > Location Services. Simply move the slider button next to Location Services to the right (Off) Note that, you can selectively disable this service for a particular application, instead of disabling it... ... More

how to set up an hp desktop computer

To set up this transfer you must first click on the PCs Start menu and select Control panel. Under the Hardware and Sound menu select Add a device. On your cell phone, turn on your Bluetooth and make your phone discoverable. Your PC will then show your phone in the Add a device window. ... More

how to use gangbeasts cgaracter in speedrunners

19/04/2016 · What you have to do is simple, just type /BAAAAHHH!!! into the chat when you are selecting your character, and you will become the goat! (There is not allowed to more than one goat, so if someone else is already goat, you cannot select it. ... More

how to solve income inequality in canada

20/04/2006 · Income inequality is a dicey term. If referring specifically to the idea that some people make millions, and others make so little, then the answer is you cannot necessarily do away with that in a mostly capitalistic society. However, the way to adjust for this problem is through taxes. The rich may not like it, but the amount of money they make every year is more than most of this country ... More

how to turn off xbox dvr 2017

cant you just go into the xobox app then work your way through the options until you find game dvr and turn it off? Last edited by Patronising_One ; Aug 20, 2016 @ 6:10am #1 ... More

how to use a hand file

In Windows 8, youll find this on the left-hand side of the File History window. To start backing up to a different drive, use the Stop using drive button. This allows you to stop backing up to your current drive and start backing up to a new one. ... More

how to stop a program from runnig

How To Disable Programs. There are several different ways to disable a program and stop it from running, depending on whether you want it to be permanently disabled or not. ... More

how to go to tokyo disneyland by train

Tokyo Disneyland is a fantastic place to visit and if you haven’t visited a Disneyland before I would recommend going at least once. For anyone going I would highly recommend buying your tickets before arriving and getting to the park at least one hour before it opens. ... More

how to use freecharge coupons

How to use coupons for Freecharge? Go to DealsPricer, type in Freecharge in the search bar and press enter. A list of deals and coupon codes will appear for Freecharge. Click on ‘Get Coupon Code’ for your required deal. Copy paste the code and visit Freecharge website. Apply the coupon code on Freecharge checkout page while placing the order. We update deals and coupons on daily basis to ... More

battlefield 1 how to set up squad chat

Battlefield 1 [BF1] VOIP Suggestion for Squad Chat & Team Chat (self.Battlefield) submitted 2 years ago by jp20388 My friends and I has a conversation about this last week. ... More

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how to use a double lever wine corker

Corkers come in many different shapes and sizes: floor corkers, compression corkers, single lever corkers, double lever corkers, and more. Small, handheld corkers can be bought cheaply from any wine production supply store, and even many general hardware and home supply stores carry them. Here is a short video demonstrating the basic use of one of these small-scale corkers.

how to turn on a girl without her knowing

10 Things That Are Guaranteed To Turn Her On. AskMen Editors . April 23, 2015 . Share Tweet Flip. 0. Shares. Sure, turning a woman on has everything to do with how attractive she finds you, what

how to solve projectile motion problems without angles

24/01/2016 · GO AHEAD and click on this wont hurt. Free simple easy to follow videos all organized on our website.

how to use benefiber to lose weight

Free Best Will Benefiber Help Me Lose Weight Easy Steps. Here is a simple step weight-loss program plans for everyone, including daily weight-loss plans, weekly plans, and strategies to help you lose weight. 0 Nic Vape Weight Lose

how to start mysql server in windows 7

I am trying to install MySQL Server on my Windows-7 64-bit machine. I have downloaded MySQL Server Community Edition and MySQL Workbench. I am trying to start a new Server

how to open desktop in win 10

Details: My Windows 10 had been booting directly to desktop perfectly (turning on the laptop had automatically ended with the desktop) before this problem started on 2016/4/4, on which date I downloaded the Windows app 'Scan' that forced me to enter my Outlook email and password.

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Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 7H5

Scotland: East Kilbride SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Hamilton SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Dunfermline SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B7

Wales: Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Newport WAL, Wrexham WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 6D4